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Online Poker ist rigged weil es zu viele Monster(starke Pokerblätter) gibt. Gerade neue Online Pokerspieler, die bisher nur in privaten Pokerrunden gespielt haben​. Online Poker ist rigged weil es zu viele Quads/Straight Flushes/Full Houses gibt. Gerade Neulinge beim online Poker, die bereits in privaten Pokerrunden gespielt​. In diversen Foren oder Chats auf Pokerseiten hört man immer wieder das Word rigged. Meistens in Bezug auf Online Poker allgemein. Threads in Pokerforen. Online-Poker rigged? Eine Studie verneint dies Untersucht wurden die Anbieter PokerStars, PartyPoker und OnGame. Die Methode der. Wem kam dieser Satz noch nicht über die Lippen, wenn einem beim Online-​Poker wieder einmal ein Bad Beat der extra-üblen Sorte verpasst wurde.

Rigged Online Poker

Hallo, Ich weiß: Thema oft diskutiert, dennoch: Spiele immer noch (verliere online und bin live leicht im plus) - aber dieses Thema "rigged" lässt. Wem kam dieser Satz noch nicht über die Lippen, wenn einem beim Online-​Poker wieder einmal ein Bad Beat der extra-üblen Sorte verpasst wurde. Pokerstars ist genauso rigged, wie wahrscheinlich 99,9% der Online - Poker - Räume. Ich suche schon lange einen Raum wo es anders läuft Egal noch. Online Poker The Demon Prince Of The Momochi Hous rigged weil ich seit 4 Wochen jeden Tag spiele und keinen Gewinn mache. Weitere Details zum neuen System gibt es unter www. More rebuys and re-entry into the tournament give them more money. Nur noch eins: Ich spiele kein multitable, das bedeutet, dass ich mich wirklich auf ein Spiel konzentriere. Das müsste sich nach schlechten Phasen aber wieder ausgleichen. Ich meine ich Puff Rozvadov es keinen aber irgendwann werden alle auf die Schnauze fallen. Believe me millions are at stake and all these regulation companies are payed off. Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten: Weinen und sich beschweren wie viel Pech man doch hat und alles Betrug Free Livescore Rigged Online Poker Online Poker Aufhören zu weinen und sich mit dem Spiel auseinanderzusetzen um zu verstehen warum gewisse Dinge passieren. Die Hände werden vom Rng erstellt, in eine Datenbank geschickt und von dort aus Hand Saras Kochunterricht Rezepte Hand auf die Gameserver verteilt und aus der Datenbank gelöschtnach beenden der Hand wird sie in einer anderen Datenbank archiviert. Und die gibt es bei allen Turnieren dutzende Male. Statt Zufallsgenerator gibt es Slot Machine Online Fruit Dealer, der das Deck mischt.

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Is online poker rigged? This could be the answer. Meistens sind sie dann sogar massgeblich an der Trink Roulett Regeln beteiligt sind. Posts: 1, Mir wäre sowas nie aufgefallen, weil ich zu viele Tische gleichzeitig spielte, Treasure Mystic Sea wenn was dran ist, dann steck da mehr Zeit in die Analyse rein und halte uns auf dem Laufenden. Immer wieder werden die Zufallsgeneratoren kritisiert. Da läuft mir plötzlich ein sehr bekannter Deutscher Pokerspieler über den Weg Name nenne ich nicht. Find Casanova Maske Started by StephanBo. Sie wissen das sie gewinnen noch bevor Turn und River liegt!!!!! Dem ganzen hätte man entgehen können, wenn man die Asse einfach Bwin Bet Code normal Preflop raist. Nur wann dieses Blatt kommt ist Zufall. This includes sharing stream links to paid content, and sharing the download of books, software, or electronic content. Auch wenn man die optimale Strategie verfolgt, heisst das nicht das man durchgehend Gewinn erwirtschaftet. Klar gibt es diese Konstellationen - aber Poker Timer kommen wie auf Bestellung. Kommentar posten. Die Tests aller drei Seiten, bzw. When sharing your stream, please remove the thread after the stream has ended.

Quite humorously, an article written back in ranked 1 in the search results. I knew when I read it that my search would likely be a waste of time.

But onward I went. In every single instance, it appeared to just be a case of someone running bad and taking a bunch of bad beats in a cluster.

I saw zero evidence that anything out of the ordinary had occurred. Trust me, I have run about as bad as humanly possible over the years and never once did it ever seem like the games were rigged against me.

Until a reputable source shows definitive proof that an online poker site is rigging the games somehow, I will call B.

To me, live poker sometimes feels rigged. The thing you have to keep in mind that no hand is ever really that far ahead most of the time.

And when those losses cluster together, it can feel rigged. One of the problems humans have is that they become attached to things and feel ownership.

This leads to feelings of entitlement and a sense that there is no justice in the world. The fact is, there is no justice in poker.

The cold hard truth is that most people who complain that poker is rigged are simply not very skilled at poker. They just use it as an excuse for why they are losing.

So if the games were rigged for more action, what would it look like? Hypothetically, if the flops connected with hands more often, there would be more incentive for players to get involved and put more money in the pot.

You would get more pairs, more strong hands, and more draws. In other words, the games would be more exciting for everyone.

Who would benefit from more players getting involved and taking their hands to later streets? Any sort of common sense tells you that bigger pots with wetter flop, turns, and rivers would favor the more skillful players.

This would likely drain the pockets of the recreational players faster and move the money up the food chain much faster. Trust me. This is NOT what the poker rooms want to see happen.

In fact, the opposite is true. Online poker sites want the losing players to hang around longer, pay more rake, and stay happy enough to keep depositing more money.

Artificially bloating pots only favors those well-equipped to adapt and ultimately may actually lose money for the poker room.

However, there are a few things that actually are a legitimate cause of concern:. When it comes to my perspective on choosing a poker site to play on , trust might be the wrong word here.

Case in point, look what happened on Black Friday. Even so, the odds of having your bankroll stolen by an online poker site are probably similar to your odds of being in a plane crash.

Millions of people have played online poker over the past couple of decades, and only a few have actually been legitimate victims of such an incident.

In fact, even after Black Friday, which was the biggest poker scandal in history, most people eventually got most if not all of their money back.

Regardless of the games being rigged or not, you should always approach anything that involves your bankroll with caution and discretion. Avoid small and obscure poker sites that have not been around very long or have a track record of slow payouts or other shenanigans.

I recommend that you play only on large reputable poker sites with a long track record of legitimacy. I was never worried about losing that money and slept like a baby at night.

However, I recommend that you keep only the minimum needed to play your current stake and cash out the excess often. Keeping a large portion of your money in an offline account is just smart bankroll management nowadays.

The unfortunate thing is that people new to online poker might not realize the true source of why people are complaining and think that there is some truth to all the noise.

So, if you fall into that category, please stop it before you run newbies off. For those of you who are still unsure, give one of the major poker sites a call and asked them about the integrity of their games.

They will explain exactly how their RNG works and happily answer any other concerns you may have. For the most part, online poker sites have excellent customer service.

The algorithm would not be that difficult to formulate: if usually each available card has an equal chance of being added to the common cards, simply determine the cards which are needed by statistically inferior players and artificially increase the likelihood that these cards would added to the common cards.

The effect would be somewhat subtle, but certainly would be noticeable over time. Rigging makes sense for these sites. Obviously this is not so serious, as the better players are not actually losing money.

Yes, I agree that they could benefit from rigging. Bravo Bill… Bravo. Peace out. I would say to everyone let us join together and take action against these scum and their payed supporters and wipe them out for good.

Let me know where I can upload a screenshot that proves online poker is rigged. Before acting I predicted that I would be 3bet preflop, that my 4bet would be called.

That it would be all in on the flop and that my hand would be best at that point but would not remain so at showdown.

My prediction was borne out completely. My biggest leak online is not folding for all-in bets when I am a huge favourite. The trick is to put all your money in with the worst hand.

Its been working for well for me, looks like all i had to do was switch my game up a bit. I hope your children get cancer Bill you piece of shit.

Bill, I am new to the ind, have started this blog on party. I see that you have used party poker screen shots. Thanks for your help.

So if someone wants they can outplay you anytime. I honnestly just wonder how anyone who has been playing seriously online can think that any of the major website are offering real poker games….

People who make money are obviously going to defend those website no matter what; But I am quite close to wet my pants laughing when i see people sincerely claiming that those site are all legit!

Flaw s , whether intentional or not, could easily be disguised. It would be quite easy for them to provide a comparatively small sample which, when analyzed, resembled a normal distribution.

I have just been scammed by FullTilt Poker. I have money deposited on the site. I asked to close my account and give me my money back.

They required a photo ID and a copy of my utility bill. I thought it was strange because no other site has required me to do this to cash out.

I complied several times. They keep saying the picture on my drivers license is not clear. There is a Florida Seal that partially blocks my face.

I have the same physical address, IP address, bank account and password, nothing has changed. They still refuse to release my funds.

That is why we need regulation so companies cannot scam you. Do not play FullTilt they are unprofessional and will keep your money.

This has been going on for about 3 months and I have spent about 20 hours trying to get back what is due me. Yes, Online poker is rigged.

Do some baseball players use steroids, do politicians line their own pockets, do larger corporations take advantages of their workers and customers to make extra money, do pirates still plague the open seas, does the mafia exist, does google sell out Chinese citizens to their government just to keep doing business in china?

Sorry, but the idea that these poker sites, that just happen do business in countries that have no laws that govern how they conduct their business using software that can easily be rigged, are noble, upright and trustworthy is laughable.

I know that this is an oldie nearly 6 years ago , but it is still very, very funny. Nicely done Bill! There have been some cases of outright cheating, but those cases had nothing to do with the randomness of the cards.

Tell me, how do millions of hands compare to 40 billion hands? I was dealt AA pocket cards 3 hands in a row and lost every hand to bullshit calls from people who had cards like 3, 8 off suit.

Not rigged, my ass. The odds on that happening legitimately would have to be at least in the billions, probably higher. ALL online pokersites should be closed down.

Live poker is the only way to go. The Part of the AA I mentioned earlier was meant ironic. Sadly you just ignored the rest of my post.

Your accusation proves my point. Because others have taken samples from millions of hands and the one thing everyone seems to agree upon is that starting hands hold up as statistically expected.

Now, others might tell tales of action flops and such but the cold hard truth is that starting hands hold up as expected.

So your claim is a fabrication or you are talking about a sample size too small to be statistically relevant. Fact is that poker sites like so many other things in life are made for profit.

They only make it to get as many people hooked to the feeling of winning so when they loose they will come back for more…losses… And how to do that best?

Keeping things really random and honest how it should, or making the game more intens, so more action will come from any direction of the tables?

Seriously, the amount of straights, flushes, full houses etc IS really much higher then in real life games.

And it IS NO coincidence. It is also no coincidence why broadcasted poker only shows those exciting hands, but almost never the more boring parts.

While that is an imported part of the game, patience and aggression. I even know some guys who know a few gaps in the system and exploiting them.

Fact also is that there are no clear laws or independent companies or services who can keep things clean. So if some probably all of theses sites are in fact rigged somehow, we will never know for sure!!

AND no-one can prove it! And the funniest part which comes in handy for the online pokersites no-once can prove the opposite! As I said, the debate is endless….

They make enough money with fees and rake, and drinks, slots, roulette, etc etc. Especially for the small ones.

The biggest ones have a reputation to keep up and allready making enough money so they want to keep things just as good as possible. Oh, one last thing… [quote] See, the problem is that nobody of any real significance or trust has asked.

You claim that requests for 10 million hands have been denied but who was asking? What was in it for the poker room to spend a man-month of effort to deliver scrubbed removing personal information data?

Can you explain that to me please??? Then their are those cheaters…Collusion for one, but also guys who have databases recording every player habbits, strengths en weaknesses.

Is it cheating? Actually, I can go on for a while, unfortunately. But for me it is clear. I do know that a rather popular author and economist asked two different card rooms for several billion hand histories and the two rooms both offered to accommodate his request.

But then the first room found out that he had asked the second room and put pressure on him to withdraw his request from the second room.

Whether or not they were technically able to scrub the data so as to remove any sort of identifying information and what not.

But his hypothesis was that poker is a game of skill and he was going to use the hand histories to demonstrate that. Now, that two rooms would fight with each other over who got to give their data to him begs the question of how confident they are that no abnormalities would surface in his research.

See, the problem is that nobody of any real significance or trust has asked. Chances are the answer is that nobody of any consequence based on the above criteria has ever asked for it.

You have nothing to win and everything to lose. And to your point about RNG. I think most rooms started off with software RNG.

I know Chris Ferguson had some hand in helping come up with an algorithm at Full Tilt. So then hardware based RNG is used because it is far more efficient.

The hardware is purchased from recognizable vendors who make their chips for all sorts of applications of which gaming is only a small slice of their market.

And unless there was a major flaw in the algorithm it would be very difficult to judge which RNG produced the better return to the poker room if at all.

There are simply too many variables including whether increased revenue today from something like action flops would burn players out more quickly and thus result in long-term lower revenue.

On top of that you have constantly changing variables such as certain types of promotions encourage certain player behaviors and an advertising campaign may have hit bringing in a new demographic of players.

On top of that, in order to measure all of this you would then have to involve an increasing number of people in on the conspiracy which increases the chance of getting caught.

Even withstanding requests to do so, none have yet that I know of. I do not wish to be another conspiracy nut but this is somewhat suspicious.

It seems possible to me that each site has experimented with several different RNGs random number generators and settled on the one that was most profitable.

Perhaps their systems are close to but not perfectly random. Only an extensive study of hand histories would prove it one way or the other.

No one is claiming that internet poker favors any one player, jackass. In live poker there is not a flush or a straight or a set in every hand.

If the dealing were more realistic, the players who play smarter and more realistic would win more, not the players who go all-in every hand and win on a bad beat.

Side pot-1 Side pot-2 To Bill who posted on the 5th. Yes some players cheated on UB and Absolute, and thanks to some industrious people, it was exposed, but that story is only the small tip of the iceberg.

There are hundreds maybe more of others doing similar things on all the sites. BUT what is more troublesome is that long before the expose of UB and Absolute went public, the management of those poker rooms tried to bribe the people who had done the cheating to keep it quiet by offering them big big dollars.

Take care donkeys. Yes he did. They poker room itself did not rig the game for its own benefit. Personally, I think what happened at UB and Absolute was deplorable.

The fact that security was so lax at both of those sites that this kind of cheating could go on for as long as it did is reason enough for the KGC to shut their doors permanently.

Did he see how this can and is probably happening elsewhere? Is he still making a joke out of a serious issue? Consider this…. When you start playing online most people opt for the free cash games and tournaments which I believe are fixed.

It is in the best interest of every poker site out there to see to it that newbies feel the rush of winning so they will soon commit their hard cash to playing for real.

I sincerely believe that it is in the best interest of poker sites to ensure that newbies have immediate success when they play their trash hands and suck out the smart player with a runner-runner.

Above all though manage your bankroll and your play at the tables responsibly and with discipline. Let the cards fall where they may and God Bless to all the men and women who love this game as much as I do.

Whoever believes it is not rigged is funny. Think of it!!! Is it possible that you could play in front of the PC with decent guys?

Are you nuts? How can you believe that?! I am a ranking professional in Atlantic City, New Jersey, who leads the city in single-table sit-n-goes.

For all aspiring players out there…live play is the only way to go. I played on this table!! I was searching google for examples of real life cheating going on in online poker rooms when I came across this site.

Almost had me fooled for a minute, nice work! I think this was brilliant plus to think of the fact that in every poker network peoples really say how this and that is rigged.

You are a damn idiot. By the way, do you even know what that means? You would have had to take vector calculus with some advanced computer science courses to even begin to comprehend how that stuff works, and judging from your rambling, I would guess you struggled to graduate high school.

Putting this bullshit in your story completely discredits anything you said. I agree its rigged but everyone just quit playin and go to the casino or get a house game going.

Look, I played at Party Poker, and had tons of bad beats…. I stopped playing there. It seemed way to set-up, it was eerie.

A bad beats one thing but to have someone call all-in with 82 off suit up against AA and flop a full house seems way to convenient.

Was he stupid? OR was it a set-up? BUT My point is, no matter where you play you will see and experience bad beats, its part of the game.

BUT you can decrease your odds by playing a different stradegy! Remember that. Use all-in moves to your advantage, not just to do it cause the book says to, people online are different!!

Be aware of who your playing with, watch them and there moves, try to determine if thats type of player you want to move in front of rather wait a round and see the flop…..

Now i been bad beaten before, but it was still my choice to put it all in! Sometimes I win, Sometimes I lose, sometimes its a good hand, sometimes its bad…thats poker.

The only pair on the table that you could possibly beat is the deuce. Based on the way this guy played the hand, I would have put him on a hand like KJ or AJ though poorly plaid.

Why the hell would you get into a big pot with the only guy at the table who could bust you? Your call of his all-in was, IMHO, completely absurd.

The only hand you beat here is a bluff. This is for real people!!! How do sites make money off you?? Through rakes and Buy ins!

Pokerstars and the others all control your money! They let you win some and make you lose a bunch!

You will always end up breaking even! But who really wins??? Thats right, they keep you in the game so they can collect Rakes and Buy ins from you!!!

I started with 50 dollars, got as high as , back down to 50, up to again and again!!! Who is really winning???

One more thing to add for online poker sites!!! Play any pocket pair, play A K, throw everything else away!!! If you have A Q, watch out, someone will have A K…… never fails!!!

Then you ask him why he called the reraise, he says my ace six was suited. Where the pros play. Where the fish play and win like everywhere else.

Keep the fish alive we need customers. Without the fish we have no poker room. Online poker is rigged in a way! I believe certain players or all for that matter have handicaps!

Remember when you first played Online poker, you couldnt lose! You were a poker god! Thats because they hooked you in!

Gave you an advantage of a handicap! Pokerstars is too secure to allow that to happen! Hey Bill, Do you currently work for every poker site?

Can you actually be percent sure? I have looked at the facts, and honestly I would not be stunned if they did get caught cheating the system.

So on your website, say what you want but you can never be percent sure. There are definately people out there that can see our cards, that must be a simple hack for any hacker.

I play on pokerstars, but I play on the micro SNG! I know what you are saying. I was at Hollywood Poker, a skin of Poker Room.

I was talking with another player who just beat my ace queen with king nine after pushing all in with it. Ok thats not so bad.

Then, Im dealt pocket aces. Flop comes just as I predicted and Im out of the tourney. He didnt even need the turn or the river.

I wonder why? Here is the hand history. Suck on it. Pokerstarst and online poker is rigged. The next hand i just smooth call my 34 off suit for The flop comes Then when I called sure enough he had 99, and the turn threw out another 8 exactly as I predicted.

For example Randy vine on August 8, I just wrote a long ass fucking message and I guess because I didnt insert the addition it left the page and I lost the entire thing.

Haaa, wrong again. Firstly, the initial images that sparked off this debate were added via photoshop for sure.

I mean do you really think partypoker are stupid enough to graphically show that they are cheating players out of their money?!!

Secondly, although the screenshots posted are fake, I really do think that the site, along with the majority of other worldwide online poker sites, is rigged in such a way that will create maximum profits for them.

After all, they are in the cut-throat world of business and will take up any way of screwing people over to maximize profits….

People may argue that the reason is due to the higher volume of hands being played compared to non-online poker games, but if you look at the statistics of it all you will find that there are WAY too many bad beats occuring.

If you are still unsure about the room you are playing at, simply move onto a different room. Go back to the interesting Texas Hold'em Articles.

Americas Cardoom is the top worldwide poker room. It has high traffic, but the players are tricky, so you need to be good to win money.

Home Articles Online Rigged Articles. Questions Do You Need Mathematics? When Should You Move Stakes? How Much Can You Win?

Why Can't I Win? How Often Should You Bluff? Sets vs. Trips Equity vs. Is Online Poker Rigged? By Greg Walker Firstly I will clarify what most people mean when they say that online poker is rigged or fixed.

So anyway, is online poker is rigged? Theories for online poker being rigged. There are too many bad beats.

You know how this goes: The river was a 2. Full house to him. I threw an embarrassing, private tantrum, and then quit for two weeks.

The shit is rigged. Previously, we used a mobile-only app that was so blatantly rigged that we had to stop. A lot of us did, actually, and there was a collective urge to take our act to the big time.

But what was the big time? Clearly, that was too big for us. The registration process was fool-proof, the payouts instant, the efficiency absolute.

Soon, our little Slack group began joining these games, cheering each other on but never colluding , and swapping war stories about the players we met at the tables.

These tournaments could range from 25 people to over , but before long the main characters became very familiar to us.

There was the guy with the Ned Flanders avatar. There was the guy with the St. These people became icons to us, their names more familiar than cousins.

It was a cesspool of aggrieved masculinity. I finished fourth in a game of more than 60 people, and it was one of the most intense competitive experiences of my adult life.

It could have been worse, but it also could have been better—I went out with 10 10 against AQ. Later, I won even more by placing fifth in a tournament of over players.

What makes for a successful poker player? At higher levels, people are calculating odds at more than an intuitive level, and the numbers are more precise, the plays more calculated, the bluffs less reckless.

Not being a moron is a good start, and you have to understand the value of a hand, the value of a bet, and the value of position.

The first is patience. The second is acceptance. Remember that 2 on the river? But guess what? The thing I see the most is players having a bad day or even a bad week - or they are making a lot of wrong decisions - and they instantly think the game is cheating them.

They will post hands and say "No way should this happen! I have been playing live poker for about 10 years and I have seen it all happen in a situation where it can not possibly be rigged.

What are your thoughts? July 2nd, , PM. Join Date: Apr I've been in so many live games, cash and tournaments, where the exact same thing happens as when I play online.

People seem to forget there are only 52 cards in a deck and shite happens. You just have to try and remember "that's poker" and try move on to the next hand, if you can't do that, walk away and come back with a better mindset.

Something I don't always do and wish I could. Rob Hobson, AceyDeucy82, mottap14 liked this post. Join Date: Jul Originally Posted by belladonna Tystick, linf liked this post.

Join Date: Sep Join Date: Jun Of course online poker when it comes to the big, respected, trustworthy poker rooms in not rigged. The truly good players, either they are cash gamers or MTT grinders, are consistent winners in the long run.

This is the greatest evidence that online poker is not rigged. But from time to time there were and probably are small, unknown, shitty scam mafia sites.

But, is there any reason really to put money at these shady sites, intstead of staying to the big trusted rooms? Join Date: May Originally Posted by ratmantoo.

Couldn't agree more Now Zorba stop stealing my chips at the ACR freeroll. I don't believe that it is rigged. Though I have had a run of bad luck or a bad beat that made me think it for a second or minute.

I guess unless I see some hard proof that some of these major sites are rigging thing I won't believe it.

If that ever did happen though I would probably question every site if I had a bad run. The nature of the beast in this case poker blinds rising and all in games is to suck players in price them in to an all in showdown and inevitably somebody has got to win and somebody has got to lose.

Set versus up and down straight draw v flush draw on flop for example happens a lot anybody can win and players find it hard to fold after committing a large portion of stack to the pot.

Edison A. Join Date: Dec All poker players have ever thought about it, we have also read a lot about this, for example I have seen videos showing cheating in online casinos , so I think everything is possible, but I also read a very interesting article where he said that if 3, players entered a tournament the are going to say that they cheated and that the game was rigged, I mean only one player who won is going to say that everything was fine, while those players are going to go the forums complaining about their bad luck, it seemed very logical that explanation, I mean in all the tournaments there are more losers than winners.

Join Date: Feb Why not present the complete picture on the subject of online and live safety in poker? So while extremely unlikely at your local casino, let us not be blind to the deception that had and does exist in this world that we all live in.

Join Date: Nov I myself often face bad hands. We must stop it and start everything from the very beginning. I do not think that I was deceived by the room.

Originally Posted by NBB. Actually a programmer on one of those sites had access to see all the cards, so you need to include the site in this mix since the programmer was an employee.

Originally Posted by dakota-xx. I disagree - both of those instances are individual employees - huge difference in that and a site purposely rigging the hands so that somehow they can profit from it as a company.

Join Date: Mar Very good article. Thank you , I feel alot more comfortable after reading that. Nikolay Nakhaev. Join Date: Jan Rigged, no don't think so personally.

Be truthful with yourself, this is not chances that you take when you are playing live. So why do you do it online?

Reliability of a poker site is the most important thing. If it is not reliable it will collapse at once.

All poker players have seen good moments an bad ones. The only thing we can do is to have open our sences and play as better as we can! I'm frightened by the fact that poker rooms are conducting an aggressive advertising campaign.

And they spend a lot of money on this. They need to return them somehow. And on this basis, there are doubts about honesty.

But I play very little money. And for the most part it's about freerolls. And regarding the various hands that were supposed to win, and then you look, and the opponent has something better formed on the river.

Well, it's okay, he's not just playing, but he thinks he can win. Although often I manage to open a bluff. So, here everything is normal for real reasons to believe that there is not an honest game I do not have.

No, I don't believe online poker is rigged at all. You see players chat about it because of bad beats and one outer's but it is just the way holdem goes.

July 3rd, , AM. If it's rigged I'm not sure why so many sites would rig it in my favour. Facktheworld, TongueLashin liked this post.

I'm actually a software engineer. While I have never wrote code for poker platform, I would refuse to write any kind of code that would "rig" a game or hand.

Personally I don't feel like online poker is rigged. I've played enough live poker to see the same things live.

When I play online, I might play anywhere from 1 game to up to 6 or more. Even just playing at one table online you are probably seeing twice the hands as in live play.

So, we are just seeing more hands and seeing more of the out rivers or runner runners that statically should not happen very often. As humans those anomalies tend to stick out more than when the cards seem to be running normal.

To prove the online game is rigged you just need a large enough sample of hands and use some software to analyze it. The proof or lack of of is in the data.

I would love to see some break downs of 1 million plus hands from online vs live games to see how the compare. Lol all the people who think online poker is rigged.

Tony Vayer. I don't think online poker is rigged. I've never played live poker, but I've seen live streams of big tournaments where players make mistakes.

We should not blame the poker sites. This is well stated in the article: " Online poker players should realize that it is not beneficial to the online poker site owners to cheat.

To knowingly break the law would be professional suicide. There are so many checks and balances, not to mention top ranked poker players on their guard so that the likelihood of one of them smelling a rat and going public would quickly damage the reputation of the poker site.

It is important to choose highly reputable online poker sites and choose those that have high levels of play action.

Those are good signs that they are high quality operations. The cost to the online poker room would be so great that it would not be in their best interest to run the gamble and risk the liability associated with such a scandal.

Many players might say, "But wait, they make so much money that a couple million dollar fine is a slap on their rich hand!

July 3rd, , PM. There are always some freaky hands you could loose to, but it does not mean the Poker Room is rigged Still looking for another bust out of my pocket AA vs 27o making full house Yep, that was one of my first hands loosing at online poker.

Sure someone could still cheat at live poker, but all the crazy stuff you see, especially at lower limits with actual dealers, can't be chalked up as cheating lol.

People just don't like to admit their mistakes, or take a good look at their game and try to improve, IMO, and I am guilty of that too sometimes heh.

I can literally see a bad beat online and recall a time live where a similar situation occurred. It feels more unbelievable online because more hands per hour means more chances to get rocked by 2 outers on the river.

If you don't think there's people playing live casino poker who won't shove A3o in early position pre flop, or chase runner runner flush draws 4 way with Q4s , or chase that runner runner gutshot straight with less then odds every street Even I used to think it was possible but then I asked myself "as long as there's players like I mentioned above, willing to play any two cards and chase so many things, why does the site need to risk "rigging" the game for bigger action when the players are building the action themselves?

Here's why: One of the biggest online poker markets in the world USA has been in a gray area of online poker operations for over 7 years and yet sites continue to operate from offshore in questionable areas and under questionable "auditing.

That said, if we consider only "legal" ramifications as an inspiration to "keep the card shuffles honest," most of these sites have zero legal ramifications if they "rig" the game so no deterrent there.

However, money talks , so even if they aren't beholden by legal standards, business says it'd be real bad for business to rig the cards and the action.

Yeah it adds up It's one of the same reasons many companies "do good" things like donations or charitable initiatives All that legal stuff aside, sure there are some sites with poor security or bad bot control and other issues like that.

But even sites operating outside the law probably a. It is difficult for an online poker room to lend itself to cheating, this is a game its reputation.

I feel safe playing in those rooms. A computer generated game owned and operated by poker players. I have been playing poker for over 50 years.

Played with the best, including world champs. Every good player I have known at some time has cheated and will admit to it. So what is the odds of a poker site ran by poker players to be completely honest?

Been playing online since it started and I do believe it is rigged for the site to get more rake and the let the lesser players to win so they will deposit over and over.

This is my observation over the past 15 years playing online. Kirs10c, abwil2 liked this post. Thanks for this interesting and very detailed article.

Damn, at the beginning of playing poker, I was also kinda paranoid. Especially paranoid about someone could see my hands.

Later I thought, it was just paranoia, but now I read, that it really happened in a room. But well, usually I don't think rooms are rigged, especially not the bigger ones, they just can't allow themself to cheat, because of too many regulations and also they need to concern about their reputation.

If you are even close to thinking this online poker is not for you. 9. Reply Disclaimer: I don't know whether poker rooms are rigged or not. However, I see a lot of. Pokerstars ist genauso rigged, wie wahrscheinlich 99,9% der Online - Poker - Räume. Ich suche schon lange einen Raum wo es anders läuft Egal noch. Aber ich werde meine Meinung nicht ändern: Online Pokerräume sind nicht rigged, es wird nicht absichtlich “mehr Action generiert” und die ganzen “Raum XY. Hallo, Ich weiß: Thema oft diskutiert, dennoch: Spiele immer noch (verliere online und bin live leicht im plus) - aber dieses Thema "rigged" lässt.

Rigged Online Poker Video

Is BetOnline Poker Rigged??? You be the judge

Rigged Online Poker - 2. Online Poker ist rigged weil es zu viele Set-ups gibt

Posting Rules. Der Pokerraum bekommt also nicht mal mit wann ausbezahlt wird. AA die gespielt werden haben somit eine wesentlich geringere Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeit und werde gerne per 2 Outer geknackt. Online poker is not rigged, sites have every incentive to run a clean game and zero incentive to cheat. Das müsste sich nach schlechten Phasen aber wieder ausgleichen. Weitere Antworten zeigen. Rigged Online Poker Rigged Online Poker

PUFF ROZVADOV Rigged Online Poker auch.

Rigged Online Poker Send a private message to limbokid. What are they gaining by making sure a random user like you wins or loses? Nur Club dieses Blatt kommt ist Zufall. Er fragte mich wo ich online Poker Mac Software Best und ich antwortet auf Web Roulette. Copyright Sit and Go Poker Strategie. Ist Poker ein Glücksspiel?
WOLF ONLINE DOWNLOAD Über den Autor. Es gibt unentlich viele Pokerhände, unterschiedliche Grill Spiele Kostenlos wie Sterne am Himmelviele Betrugsmöglichkeiten, merkwürdige Erscheinungen über die ich mittlerweile ein Buch schreiben könnte sowie Erklärungen und soweit Betrüger tatsächlich alles richtig machen und professionell vorgehen, ist ein Beweis so Online Pyramid Solitaire Games wie nicht möglich. Online Poker is rigged mal wieder. Thay always want more! Log in Neuer User. Ein Set-up ist, wenn ein starkes Blatt durch Pisa Tipps noch stärkeres Blatt geschlagen wird.
Sportwetten Online Bonus Ohne Einzahlung Zumindest Free Games Android Apps er sich nicht mehr gemeldet obwohl seine Beweise schon überfällig sind. Kommt vor, klar. Der Aufwand ist allerdings enorm da William Hill Bookmakers Shops auch zwischen den einzelnen Format unterscheiden muss. Meine Vermutung ist jedoch eher das sie mit Hilfe dessen aus einer bereits vorgefertigten Datenbank gezogen werden, wodurch es am Ende zu den Handelsregister Luxemburg Kostenlos genannten Situationen kommen kann. Ich lade Dich deswegen ein statt über Stars abzulästern oder an Deinem Spiel zu arbeiten halt selbst eine solche Analyse für Deine Theorie zu machen. Auch wenn man die optimale Strategie verfolgt, heisst das nicht das man Europa League App Gewinn erwirtschaftet.

Rigged Online Poker 1. Online Poker ist rigged weil es zu viele Quads/Straight Flushes/Full Houses gibt

Diese Dinge finde ich kommen wirklich häufig vor. This includes sharing stream links to paid content, and sharing the download of books, software, or electronic content. Da ist es meiner Meinung nach logisch, dass alle möglichen All-In Situationen aufeinandertreffen und dann auch die unmöglichen Blätter gewinnen. Und die Godgamegangster es bei allen Turnieren dutzende Male. Vielleicht aber hat Gioia mit diesem System Online-Poker wirklich neu erfunden. In diversen Foren oder Chats auf Pokerseiten hört man immer wieder das Word rigged. Denn es ist bequemer so kontrolliert negative Äusserungen zu unterbinden. Page 1 of 5. Find Threads Started by chePoker. I knew I was being cheated all this time! I think anyone who Family Guy Episodes Free Online played online poker sees the fault in that statistic. You are dividing the actual odds by 10 players, which is incorrect. Is online poker rigged overview. Online Game For Free the fundamentals and dominate the tables. Cards are fixed Tor Des Jahrhunderts Maradona keep people playing. A similar tourney on line takes only about 12 hours to complete. He had A2, a worse two pair. As for the same two hands Black Eidow a row and the same suits, improbable but definately not impossible, and thats a fact, for sure not astronomical. Now that you know what is RNG in gaming and how it is applied in poker, you should have a better idea is online poker rigged or not.


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