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Als Pink-Panther-Reihe bezeichnet man die US-amerikanischen Spielfilme, die seit entstanden sind und den Pariser Polizeiinspector Jacques Clouseau zur Hauptfigur haben. Clouseau, als Figur von Regisseur Blake Edwards erfunden, wurde. Der rosarote Panther (Originaltitel The Pink Panther) ist eine unter der Regie von Blake Edwards im Jahr entstandene Kriminalkomödie, der eine Reihe. Als Pink-Panther-Reihe bezeichnet man die US-amerikanischen Spielfilme, die seit entstanden sind und den Pariser Polizeiinspector Jacques Clouseau. Nach dem Mord an dem bekannten Fußballmanager Gluant wird auch noch dessen wertvoller Diamantring, der "Pink Panther", gestohlen. Inspektor Clouseau. - Kaufen Sie Der rosarote Panther Cartoon Collection günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen.

Pink Pahnter - Kaufen Sie Der rosarote Panther Cartoon Collection günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Günstige Pink Panther Fanartikel bei Große Auswahl ✓ Top Marken ✓ Stark reduziert ✓ Die neusten Trends ✓ Preise vergleichen und online. Der rosarote Panther (Originaltitel The Pink Panther) ist eine unter der Regie von Blake Edwards im Jahr entstandene Kriminalkomödie, der eine Reihe.

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In the US, the show aired on Cartoon Network. Mac United States Keywords. Learning he can't resist parties, Aardvark invites Ant to his birthday party in hopes of making a meal out of him. Christopher Challis. Total Film. Categories : American television series debuts American television series endings s American animated television series American animated television spin-offs American animated television shows featuring anthropomorphic characters American children's animated adventure television series American children's animated comedy television series Lol Legend children's animated fantasy television series Cartoon Network original programming KidsClick Television series Bitcoin Guide MGM Television The Pink Besten Online Games 2017 cartoons television series Royalvegas versions of cartoon characters Animated television series Tipico Live Wetten Tipps. The Pink Panther animated character is often used to represent the franchise. Pink Pahnter

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Rate This. The bumbling Inspector Clouseau travels to Rome to catch a notorious jewel thief known as "The Phantom" before he conducts his most daring heist yet: a princess' priceless diamond with one slight imperfection, known as "The Pink Panther".

Director: Blake Edwards. Writers: Maurice Richlin screenplay , Blake Edwards screenplay. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. High School Icons, Then and Now.

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Nominated for 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: David Niven Sir Charles Lytton Peter Sellers Jacques Clouseau Robert Wagner George Lytton Capucine Simone Clouseau Brenda de Banzie The phrase was used for all the subsequent films in the series, even when the jewel did not figure in the plot.

The jewel ultimately appeared in six of the 11 films. This character, designed by Hawley Pratt and Friz Freleng , was subsequently the subject of his own series of theatrical cartoons , beginning with The Pink Phink in Peter Sellers's performance was so popular that the resulting series was built on the Clouseau character, rather than the Phantom character.

A Shot in the Dark was released less than a year after The Pink Panther , and was the first to feature the Clouseau character as the protagonist of the film, investigating a murder.

The film Inspector Clouseau stars Alan Arkin as Clouseau, and does not feature any other recurring characters from the rest of the series. Although it was produced by the Mirisch Corporation who owned the rights to the character , few people associated with the earlier films such as Peter Sellers, Blake Edwards, and composer Henry Mancini were involved in the making of this film; as a result, Inspector Clouseau is not usually considered a true Pink Panther film.

The film marked the return of the famous "Pink Panther" diamond as well as most of the creative team associated with the prior films, including director Blake Edwards, composer Henry Mancini, Herbert Lom as Dreyfus and Burt Kwouk as Cato.

In The Pink Panther Strikes Again , Dreyfus' insanity reached its zenith, as he tried to blackmail the rest of the world into killing Clouseau. It is the last in which Sellers played Clouseau.

He died two years after its release. Romance of the Pink Panther was to be the sixth film in the franchise, to be written by Peter Sellers.

The basic plot was to involve Inspector Clouseau becoming smitten with a cat burglar called "the Frog", played by Pamela Stephenson.

Sellers' role is created by using scenes cut from Strikes Again , as well as flashbacks from the previous Pink Panther films.

This movie was intended as a tribute to Sellers, but after its release, Sellers' widow Lynne Frederick successfully sued Edwards and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for tarnishing her late husband's memory.

David Niven and Capucine reprise their original roles from the first Pink Panther film. Trail was a critical and commercial failure.

Clifton Sleigh, portrayed by Ted Wass. Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther diamond, both of which had disappeared in Trail , are pursued by Sleigh.

Clouseau returns, after having plastic surgery to disguise his identity, in a cameo played by Roger Moore who is credited as "Turk Thrust II".

Although intended to spawn a new series of misadventures for Sergeant Sleigh, the film's dismal box-office performance and critical drubbing, along with a series of back-and-forth suing between MGM and Edwards led to a decade-long hiatus of the series.

This was eventually settled out of court in , around the time Edwards came up with one final film idea that would ultimately become the unofficial series finale.

Although intended to relaunch the series with the bumbling Jacques as a lead, Son failed critically and commercially and became the final installment in the original Pink Panther series.

It was also the final film for both Edwards and composer Henry Mancini, the former retiring from directing, writing, and producing, and the latter passing away the following year.

Not a remake of the original film, it forms a new starting point for a contemporary series, introducing the Clouseau and Dreyfus characters along with the famous diamond to a new generation.

The sequel to Steve Martin's film. This film received negative reviews and was also not as successful at the box office as its predecessor, which resulted in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cancelling the planned third film.

Most of the films in the series starred Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau and were directed and co-written by Blake Edwards.

Then the role was offered to Peter Ustinov , with Ava Gardner to play his wife. When Gardner dropped out, so did Ustinov, so the role went to Sellers.

Apparently, the tone changed when Edwards picked up Sellers from the airport and during the ride to the hotel they bonded over old comedians like Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton.

The role was then modified to include elements of slapstick. The jazz-based theme music was composed by Henry Mancini.

In addition to the credits sequences, the theme often accompanies any suspenseful sequence in the first film and in subsequent films using the character.

The "Pink Panther" of the title is a diamond supposedly containing a flaw that forms the image of a "leaping panther" which can be seen if held up to the light in a certain way.

This is explained at the beginning of the first film, and the camera zooms in on the diamond to reveal the blurry flaw, which focuses into the cartoon Panther though not actually leaping to start the opening credits sequence.

This is also done in Return. The plot of the first film is based on the theft of this diamond. The name "the Pink Panther" became attached to Inspector Clouseau in much the same way that Frankenstein has been used in film titles to refer to Dr.

Frankenstein's creation , or The Thin Man was used in a series of detective films. A Shot in the Dark , a film which was not originally intended to feature Clouseau, is the first of two films in the series the other being Inspector Clouseau that features neither the diamond nor the distinctive animated Pink Panther character in the opening credits and ending.

Many critics, including Leonard Maltin , regard this film as the best in the series. In the original film, released in , the main focus was on David Niven 's role as Sir Charles Litton, the infamous jewel thief nicknamed "the Phantom," and his plan to steal the Pink Panther.

Inspector Clouseau was only a secondary character as Litton's incompetent antagonist and provided slapstick to an otherwise subtle, lighthearted caper film , a somewhat jarring contrast of styles which is typical of Edwards's films.

The popularity of Clouseau caused him to become the main character in subsequent Pink Panther films, which were more straightforward slapstick comedies.

Note: This episode contains subliminal back-masked messages, including "Come back with my ship! A hungry Pink Panther goes to the local supermarket, where he becomes the One Millionth Customer and wins a shopping spree.

A jealous Big Nose, who just missed out on the prize, keeps trying to sabotage Pinky's efforts to get as much food as he can in a certain amount of time.

His last attempt succeeds and Pink Panther leaves empty-handed, but at the local pizza joint, Pinky becomes the One Millionth Customer there as well and wins a huge supply of pizza, leaving Big Nose hot under the collar.

Following Pink Panther to an island, they encounter a mean squid, quicksand, a snake, and island natives who worship Pinky, giving him a map that may lead to the treasure.

But their chase takes them to a volcano which erupts. In the end, the only treasure the pirates see is a giant balloon in Pink Panther's image, which he uses to depart the island.

Ant agrees to care for Mrs. Gorilla's baby while she's away for the day. Aardvark uses this as an opportunity to sneak on Ant, but the baby gets the better of him each time.

When mother returns, Ant agrees the baby can keep Aardvark as his new pet as he gets a jar of honey in exchange. After autumn quickly changes into winter, a snowstorm instantly appears, burying Pinky and Big Nose in snow.

Big Nose has difficulty keeping warm, so he decides to steal Pink Panther's portable heater. Big Nose's last scheme, involving mailing Pinky all the way to a tropical island where he is nice and warm, eventually succeeds, but unfortunately Big Nose accidentally sets the heater to Deep Freeze mode, leaving him in a giant block of ice.

Mailman Pink Panther's delivery route is disrupted when Big Nose orders his dog to keep all trespassers off his property while he's taking a bath — and that includes mailmen!

But Pinky is determined that the mail must be delivered! Note: On this episode's first airing came a test of the EAS system.

After being outwitted by Ant one too many times, Aardvark trains with a pig in the art of Kung Fu. But the overall results are less than desirable, especially when it turns out that Ant is the Supreme Master!

The narrator offers them tips on how to achieve their goal, most of which don't work out that well. Archaeologist "Indiana" Pink is exploring an ancient pyramid in Egypt guarded by Mummy Big Nose, who's both annoyed at being woken up and wants to add Pink to his collection of animal mummies.

After avoiding various traps and a giant guard dog statue brought to life, Pinky discovers a fountain of youth which turns the mummy into a baby.

Ant plans a trip to Antarctica expecting to find more ants there, but he gets an icy reception as he explores the continent looking for fellow ants.

Meanwhile, Aardvark has followed him hoping for a frozen treat, only to have an overly friendly walrus as a constant companion, thwarting his efforts to get the ant.

Pink Panther needs a new strap for his guitar, so he takes on a challenge to battle "The Crunch" in the wrestling ring to win the champion belt.

He lucks out in most of the rigorous events, then must go through the really tough final event, the Gauntlet, in order to win the grand prize, a lifetime supply of Pickleicious Pickle Power Extreme, his favorite sports drink.

To get the advantage in catching Ant, Aardvark paints himself with black and white stripes in order to resemble a zebra, but his plan backfires when a baby zebra mistakes him for its mother, interfering with his efforts to make a meal out of Ant.

Ant is angry that it is and was Aardvark masquerading as a zebra, and tells Aardvark that he'd better keep Baby Zebra happy or Ant's going to find its real mother.

After unsuccessful attempts, Aardvark gives Baby an "aardvark ride", which the baby zebra's real mother appreciates.

Pink Panther and Big Nose attend a baseball game in hopes of catching a foul ball as a souvenir. The two battle all around the stadium when one comes their way.

Pink Panther finds himself between two feuding water-balloon-throwing Big Nose neighbors and can get no peace either outside or inside his house, when they break in to continue their battle.

Pinky eventually finds the cause of their dispute: one neighbor doesn't have a beard and the other doesn't have a moustache. Pink Panther's solution: shave them both, and the two eventually make peace as they admire each other's clean faces.

Just when Pinky thinks it's all right to go outside, he finds his neighbors' sons in a feud of their own as each is envious of the other's hairstyle.

After watching a magician show on TV, Aardvark tries to outwit Ant with some card tricks in hopes of winning the chance to eat him.

However, Ant is able to turn the tables on him by switching cards to get the higher ones, making the Aardvark run the dreaded errand of getting him honey from the Hill of Doom with the obvious dangers involved.

After one final draw, Aardvark loses again and must get the Ant berries from the Tree of Misery, with even more treacherous hazards in his path.

Pink Panther's day of spring cleaning his house is ruined when a goat with a horrible stench becomes an uninvited guest in his backyard.

Since the surrounding houses are deserted and have no grass, the goat helps himself to Pinky's lawn.

He eventually makes his way inside and Pink Panther's last resort is to call in a pair of skunks to remove the goat.

However, they make themselves at home as well, eating stinky cheese, and leaving Pinky with no other choice as to join them.

Pink Panther and Big Nose are competing mailmen seeking to get their deliveries to their destinations no matter where they have to go or whatever conditions they have to deal with, even getting in each other's way in the process.

Ant tries to convince Aardvark that he's not his only means to a meal, convincing him to try out other foods. Eventually, Ant winds up on a TV show as a competing chef along with a crocodile as they try to make the best dish.

However, Aardvark schemes to make Chef Ant as his meal during the show, becoming thwarted in culinary fashion. Pink Panther's plans for fun and relaxation at the beach are constantly disrupted by beach patrol officer Big Nose, who's banning practically every form of leisure.

This doesn't stop him, as Pinky gets his fun by outwitting Big Nose and his dog every way he can. Big Nose portrays the Big Bad Wolf, who causes trouble for each of the fairy tale characters, culminating to the end when Little Pink Riding Hood arrives at Granny's house.

She's revealed to be a fairy who uses her powers to drive the wolf away, leaving him to the mercy of the other characters, then treats Pink Riding Hood to a big meal.

Note: This episode is a retelling of the folktale Red Riding Hood. Aardvark tries to drop a boulder on Ant to make a meal of him, but it hits Eli the Elephant, who's carrying a cart of blueberries.

As a result, he develops amnesia and is colored blue, enabling Aardvark to manipulate him into believing they're brothers, then uses him in efforts to catch the Ant, which ultimately fail.

Eventually, another boulder drops on Eli, restoring his memory, and he thwarts Aardvark again.

But after melted ice cream is spilled on it, the unit malfunctions and adopts various personalities, causing the scooter to take Pinky to various places around town, including a health food store, an auto race track and chasing a cat.

Eventually, he manages to get back to the ice cream parlor where he disposes of the GPS unit and ditches the scooter itself, joyfully walking away with his ice cream as traffic cop Big Nose writes a ticket.

After going extreme skating on a hot day, Pink Panther decides to buy a slushy drink at the local supermarket. Store manager Big Nose is a neat freak who wants to keep his workplace clean and organized, and does whatever he can to keep Pinky from making a mess.

However, his efforts, along with his dog and Pink Panther's blundering, cause the entire store to be flooded with slushy drink.

Pinky offers a quick solution by selling the drink from outside the store, which is now one giant slushy machine.

On a scorching hot summer day in the jungle, Ant and Aardvark each seek a way to keep cool. After reading the story of Noah's Ark, Aardvark decides to build his own in hopes that various animals will come on board, including ants so he can get a meal as well.

To everyone's surprise, it DOES rain, causing a flood and making them jump on board. However, Aardvark misses the boarding due to the fact that he gets seasick.

When Pink Panther doesn't have enough money to buy a greatly coveted comic book at the local comic book store, store owner Big Nose gives him paper to draw his own comic, in which Pinky imagines himself as a superhero battling a giant villain.

He gets carried away in his fantasy and is pulled into the comic where the battle continues. The villain is eventually defeated and Pinky returns to the store where shop owner Big Nose is impressed with the new comic and trades for it with the comic Pinky wanted.

When Big Nose opens the first page, he gets pulled into the comic and ends up fighting the villain as the cover page changes with his image in the front.

Farmer Big Nose dreams of having the best pumpkin in order to win the blue ribbon, but his hopes are dashed by rival pumpkin grower Pink Panther, who is able to top him every time, including Best Pumpkin Sculpture and Pumpkin Racing.

Pink also has a giant pumpkin that can easily win for heaviest weight, but Big Nose tries to sabotage Pinky, then steal it for himself.

After a chase, the giant pumpkin is splattered, but Pink Panther is able to use it to win for Best Giant Pie pumpkin and is awarded the blue ribbon.

While chasing Ant, Aardvark gets hit by a pickup truck. Among the contents that fall out is a magic lamp with a genie who grants him three wishes.

Unfortunately, his wishes for speed and stickiness fail, frustrating Aardvark to the point that he unwittingly uses his final wish for the genie to go away.

He realizes his error too late, and when Ant gets the lamp, he makes one wish for the genie to be free and for Aardvark to take her place when the next person finds the lamp.

Pink Panther dreams of being a cowboy riding the open range on White Horse, but the animal won't cooperate, leaving Pinky to struggle to wake him up and put on his horseshoes and saddle.

After finally getting White Horse outside, he still won't cooperate until a female horse appears, enabling Pink Panther to use some ingenuity to have her to lead White Horse around, enabling him to get his ride on the range after all.

In an old western town, Pink Panther is the sheriff who must face the outlaw Big Nose, the notorious bank robber, who's also made off with his sidekick White Horse as a means of getting away with the loot.

Sheriff Pinky mounts a rescue and looks to apprehend the outlaw, leading to madcap mayhem along the way and a final showdown involving Rock-paper-scissors.

Aardvark tries out hypnosis as a means to control his cravings for ants, but Ant exploits the opportunity to use it to control him how he wants.

Aardvark's efforts to undo the hypnosis leads to more humiliation until he gets conked on the head by a coconut.

Just when he's about to eat Ant, a couple of crocodiles come to the rescue and chase him away. At a muscle beach, muscleman Big Nose challenges Pink Panther to various games and feats of strength, but with a little luck on his side Pinky is able to get the better of him.

The final contests include a horseshoe pitching contest, as well as a jet ski race where Pinky is helped by White Horse, dolphins , and even sharks , who chase away Big Nose in the ocean.

Note: Partial remake of Come On In! The Water's Pink! Pink Panther is the star of his junior soccer football team playing against a team of giant robots controlled by Big Nose, who uses underhanded tactics to get the advantage and even remove the other players on Pinky's team, leaving him all alone to rally against what seems an insurmountable lead.

Big Nose himself operates a giant robot to overwhelm Pink Panther with soccer balls, but with a fancy move, Pinky defeats the robot and all the balls wind up in Big Nose's goal, giving Pinky the victory.

Ant seeks refuge from Aardvark by befriending a dim-witted leopard who wants to make a meal of Aardvark.

Aardvark now has to use some wits of his own to outsmart the leopard before finally succeeding, but eventually, Ant outsmarts him in the end.

By the end of his workday, furniture salesman Pink Panther is tired to the point where he falls asleep inside a roll-top desk that's bought and taken home by Big Nose.

Efforts by his dog to alert him of the uninvited guest go unnoticed, leaving Big Nose so agitated that he chases the dog out of the house after one last booby trap to catch Pinky gets the better of them both.

Note: Partial remake of Slink Pink In a distant, bleak, future, Pink Panther wakes up to a colorless world that's ruled by Big Nose's big-brained dog, who commands him to strip Pinky of his color after he finds himself able to spread color all over town.

A battle ensues, and Pinky is victorious when he uses paint and music to get the better of the villains. He rejoices before losing his own color, only to wake up and find it was all a dream.

Pinky is delighted to see the surrounding modern day neighborhood full of color with the lone exception being Big Nose's house, which he's painting gray

Griechenland Ferienwohnungen Hotels. Wenn Sie über uns gebucht haben und eine Gästebewertung hinterlegen möchten, melden Sie Tattoo Casino Style bitte in Ihrem Konto an. April gilt die von Ihnen gewählte Stornierungsrichtlinie unabhängig von den Umständen durch das Coronavirus. Inspektor Clouseau Anmelden und bewerten. Ausstattung 6,9. Das Apartment verfügt über eine Terrasse. Vorlage war ein erfolgreiches Broadway-Kriminalstück, für dessen Verfilmung Peter Sellers verpflichtet Order Poker Hands. Als sie den Tresor endlich Kniffel Yatzy haben, ist der Diamant jedoch verschwunden. Dabei verliebt er sich in sie. In dieser Unterkunft sind keine Babybetten verfügbar.

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Little Pink Riding Hood - 35 Minute Compilation - Pink Panther \u0026 Pals Bitter versuchen Sie es später erneut. Kinder und Betten. Si Spiele Kostenlos Apps a dormire tranquillamente ; Staff Eccezionale, gentile e disponibile al massimo. Blake Edwards. Funktionale Cookies Cookies, die Webseitenfunktionalität ermöglichen, damit Sie problemlos buchen können. Was nice to have Inter Chat Com safe in the room too and the shared balcony had a washing line which was shared too which came in handy : Drinks in the bar were a good price and the bar staff always said hello and made us feel welcome :. Ihre Meinung hilft uns dabei, herauszufinden, nach welchen Informationen wir die Unterkünfte Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeit Roulette sollten. Inspektor Clouseau Inspector Clouseau. Sir Charles inszeniert eine Entführung des Hundes der Prinzessin, um durch die heldenhafte Verfolgung des Täters ihr Vertrauen zu gewinnen. Mithilfe analytischer Cookies verstehen wir X Mne, wie Nutzer wie Sie Spiele Kostenlos Apps. Günstige Pink Panther Fanartikel bei Große Auswahl ✓ Top Marken ✓ Stark reduziert ✓ Die neusten Trends ✓ Preise vergleichen und online. hier der Pink Panther Glasanhänger in 3D. Der pinke Baumschmuck hebt sich farblich von der klassichen Weihnachtsdeko ab und setzt so a. Pyjamaset Pink Panther, Unterwäsche, Schlafanzüge, rosa, RESERVED. Die Pink Panther Studios liegen m vom Strand von Laganas entfernt und bieten ein Restaurant, eine Bar und klimatisierte Unterkünfte mit einem Balkon. Pink Pahnter

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Abreise - Über welche Themen würden Sie gerne mehr informiert werden? Si riesce a dormire tranquillamente ; Staff Eccezionale, gentile e disponibile Online Casino Q massimo. Geöffnet für: Frühstück, Brunch, Mittagessen, Game Tvist Regisztracio. So können wir sicherstellen, dass unsere Bewertungen von echten Gästen kommen, die in der Unterkunft übernachtet haben. Akzeptieren Ablehnen.


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