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nske Tally from the Golden Future

GG1 - Nederlands veteranenkampioen - 2 CAC - 1 RCACIB - 1 CACL - RCAC Teef Winner Amsterdam 2007




10 years on this photo



Hips D2-E1    Elbow (operation)    Eyes not tested


We miss you...

27 October 1999 - 7 april 2014

Breeder is Wieske Werner (NL)



Meet my parents


CH Friendship Classic Tattoo

VCH Magnificent from the Golden Future



My roots


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents G.G. Grandparents
      Nortonwood Faunus
  Mjaerumhogda's Noravon Cornelius Styal Simone
  Classic Sound   Camrose Voravey
Friendship   Gitles Natascha Girles Fredrikke
Classic Tattoo     Nortonwood Faunus
  Perrimay Stirchley Saxon Sansue Wanda of Stirchley
  Fadilla   Sansue Castalian
    Perrimay Sea Fantasy Stenbury Sea O'Heather of Perrimay
      Janward Dollar
  Mack Lobell Mjaerumhogda's Goldman Mjaerumhogda's Veronica
  of the Hellacious Acres   Stirchley Saxon
Magnificent   Westley Cathrina Westley Julianna
from the Golden Future     Lacons Enterprise
  Pillow Talk Westley Floyd Westley Mabella
  of the Hellacious Acres   Stirchley Seth
    Woodland Paradise Seth's Alquin Styal Scotch Thistle



My life


Twingo her 14th birthday, she is my everything!!!


Friends forever


Best Veteran in Maastricht 2009


At Will to Please 2009 in veteranclass


7 years on this photo



Twingo was shortlisted best 8 in openclass at championshipshow Holland in 2006


To be continued...


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